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Art on the Square 2023: Artist Spotlight


The 58th annual Art on the Square is right around the corner. To recognize some of the talented artists participating in our show, the JWCW introduces Artist Spotlight. In this series we’re sharing some of the artists and what they're excited to showcase this year. Scroll down to view the artists or use the menu on the right hand side to select a particular medium. Click on the images to be brought to the artist's website.


A complete list of artists can be found here

2023 Art on the Square Artists

Jasmine Torres


Social Media:

Tiktok: letsjazzitup_ Youtube: letsjazzitup

Jazmine is a first time participant in Art on the Square and has been in business for two years. She wants attendees to know that nature is her love and she loves to showcase that in her engravings. She is most excited to meet new business owners and new customers!

Jazmine Torres

Jack Arbogast


Social Media:

Facebook: ArboWoodworks Instagram: arbo_woodworks

Jack is a first time participant in Art on the Square and has been in business for two years.

Jack writes, I’m local. I played basketball at W&M, the team that beat UNC. I’ve been working with wood as a hobby for 40 years but adding epoxy only for the past two. The cutting boards have two distinct sides; one for display (the art), the other for cutting. The cutting side has a natural finish, the art side epoxy. Many of the furniture pieces feature personal items embedded in the epoxy, like bourbon bottles, Boston Marathon pin, fossil, coffee cup, etc.

He is most excited to showcase his waterfall coffee table.

CC5404DA-9781-4A09-A895-8A914BE64485 -

Stephanie Ayala


Social Media:

Facebook & Instagram: fromfoodtowood

Stephanie is a returning artist to Art on the Square and has been in business for 4 years. She likes to create functional pieces for your home that are much more than decorations. She is most excited to showcase her adjustable tabletop bookshelves and describes them as “a hit for the avid reader, kid, or dorm room.”

IMG_4358 - Stephanie Ayala.JPG

Henrietta Beightol


Social Media:

            Facebook:Henrietta Beightol Art Instagram: henriettabeightolart

This is Henrietta’s first year at Art of the Square and first year in business. Henrietta Gwathmey Beightol grew up in a family of artists going back to her great- grandfather, William Flechsing, who traveled across the United States in a covered wagon selling his artwork along the way. Before she had learned to read, Henrietta learned to paint at the hands of her grandmother, Henrietta Flechsing Badraun. She graduated from the College of William and Mary with a BFA degree. Her works display her love of light, shadows, and color deriving from her study of the Impressionists, namely Van Gogh, but also from her studies of the great Dutch masters of the 17th Century.

She is most excited to showcase her newest paintings of trees and peonies.

Pink Peony crop - Henrietta Beightol.jpg

Paul Strzemienski

This is Paul’s first appearance at Art on the Square, and he has been in business for seven years. He would like guests to know that many of his items are from diseased or green-waste trees. He is most excited to showcase his vortex bowl.

Vortex - Paul Strzemienski.jpg

Melissa Orendorff

Social Media:

This is Melissa’s first time at Art on the Square! She is a found-object and collage artist. She searches for those objects that are no longer serving their original purpose and use them to create one-of-a-kind sculptures and paper collage art. Her collage art is made from old ephemera including vintage maps, books and magazines.

She is most excited to showcase an original paper collage in a unique cigar box frame that focuses on America's national pastime. The background of collage is cigar labels with a vintage baseball illustration of a player holding a cigar as a bat. The home run cigars are 5 cents each. This is all hand-cut and is definitely a statement piece in any home. The frame measures 3' x 5".

27636980-50BB-43A9-BBE1-F9FCB01BF1DB_1_201_a - Melissa Orendorff.jpeg

Special Thank You to the following artists for contributing to the scholarship fund:

·         Icka Cantilo

·         Liane MacDonald

·         Karri Mohr

·         Donna Silvestri

·         Paul Strzemienski

·         Kathy Wooldridge

·         Elsa Gailor

·         Paul Grecian

·         Sharon Hardy

·         Audrey Hauserman

·         Teresa Howard

·         Karen Jabo

·         Svetlana Lechkina

·         Eric Oxendorf

·         Richard Toft

·         Emily Crews

·         Christian Di Spigna

·         Kelsey Finnie

·         Amy Snowden

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