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Art on the Square 2024: Artist Listing
Sunday, April 28th; 10am - 5pm
Welcome to all of the 2024 participating artists. Artists are listed below in booth order with their discipline and summary information also listed.  


Booth 01
Erinn Adomanis
Medium: Jewelry

Metalsmith from Towson U. Natural gemstones and freshwater pearl incorporated
into my sterling silver work. Unique designs and color combos. Metaphysical

collection promotes health, healing and beauty

Grace A Mano

Booth 02
Ruchi Gupta
Medium: Ceramics

I create my molds and slip-cast. I use my pen and ink drawings as
screenprints/decals, hand-paint, and carve. Each piece is fired three times and is

one of a kind.
Birds at Noon

Booth 03
kevin chen
Medium: Painting

I use bamboo brushes freely with ink & colors extracted mostly from natural
material to paint on silk or handmade rice paper using brushstroke techniques.

Booth 04
Caroline Clarke Larry clarke
Medium: Fiber (2-D)

I am third generation in the art of making leather. I design my own patterns. That I
hand cut out of cowhide leather. Then I sew the purse together. For that one of

kind look.

Booth 05

kelsey finnie
Medium: Glass

I make handblown glassware, seasonal decor and high end vases. I use traditional
venetian glassblowing techniques when working with glass. My work explores,

color, form and techniques.
Kelsey Finnie Glass

Booth 06
Danielle McCutcheon
Medium: Jewelry

Hand-fabricated fine jewelry made of sterling silver, 14K, and 22K gold, with
precious and semi-precious gemstones. Traditional goldsmithing techniques are

used to shape, texture, solder, and finish.

Malia Nakai Designs

Booth 07
Dan Currier
Medium: Wood

As a wood turning artist, I strive to create pieces that showcase the beauty and

versatility of this natural material.

Currier Turned

Booth 08
Tomas Ehrenberger

Medium: Painting

Original plein air paintings, oils on canvases

Booths 09 & 11

Leanne Moss
Medium: Painting

Oil on canvas landscape paintings of rural Virginia. Expressive realism focusing on
texture with brush and palette knife. Print reproductions done on Epson p900 on

archival Aurora Bright paper.
Leanne Moss Art

Booth 10
Mary Hanson

Medium: Jewelry

Dichroic fused glass jewelry, pendants, earrings, sets, bracelets, rings.

Creations in Dichroic Glass

Booth 12
Audrey Hauserman

Medium: Fiber (2-D)

All quilts and table decor are made from 100% cotton fabric & batting and are
machine pieced and free-motion machine quilted using original and traditional

quilt block designs.
Hauserman Quilts

Booth 13
Kris Naradzay

Medium: Glass

stained glass mosaics birdbaths; stained glass suncatchers (both foiled and lead
wrapped); fused glass windchimes; lead wrapped ceiling fan pulls; stained glass

hummingbird feeders

Kris Krafts Stained Glass

Booth 14
Karen Jabo

Medium: Jewelry

My jewelry is handcrafted in sterling silver and includes pearls, natural stones, glass
or antique components. My designs are fabricated from sheet and wire stock, or

cast in sterling sterling.
Karen Jabo Jewelry

Booth 15
Catherine Nocon

Medium: Painting

Original watercolors showcasing botanical and floral themes. Each piece is a unique
expression in the varieties of colors and subject matter. No reference photos are

used when creating these.
Catherine L Nocon, Watercolor Artist

Booth 16
ivan pesic

Medium: Painting

heavy Body Acrylics and palette Knife

Booth 17
Pamela Tyrrell

Medium: Fiber (2-D)

I enjoy putting beautiful fabrics together to make beautiful dresses that are worthy
of the cat walk. I embellish the with lovely flower, rhinestones,pearls or whatever

catches my artistic eye.

Fashion Fur Paws

Booth 18
Jennifer Dillaman

Medium: Photography

I am a technical scuba diver who uses photography equipment in special
underwater housings to take my images. I have my own, in house, printer with

which I print all of my canvases and prints to sell.

Blue Descent Photography

Booth 19
Terry Tessler

Medium: Painting

My art combines the use of watercolor paints with vibrant color and color
combinations with different resist techniques. The result is an image with

fascinating color combinations, blends, and images.

Art By Terry

Booth 20
Olena McLaughlin

Medium: Jewelry

Jewelry is wire-wrapped with focus on wire-weaving to create unique designs.
Materials include genuine gemstones, sterling silver, copper, and 14k gold-filled

wire. Jewelry is antiqued with patina.

ElenA Jewelry Art

Booths 21 &23
Tess Aksamitova

Medium: Mixed Media (3-D)

I have been working with wire since I was a little girl. My grandfather taught me the
basics and later on I have created pieces that incorporate also glass to make my

sculptures pop.

Booth 22

Scott Supraner Vicki Supraner
Medium: Ceramics

Wheel thrown and slab built stoneware pottery and ceramic wall reliefs detailed
with original carvings, hand painted designs, and studio mixed glazes.

Hawksbill Pottery/ Supraner Ceramics

Booth 24
Donna Silvestri

Medium: Jewelry

Eco-chic hand-knotted, and hand-crocheted, jewelry featuring ancient-to-vintage
materials that I’ve traveled the world to discover. Each piece is infused with

dimension, dramatic color, and texture.

on u jewelry

Booth 25
Russell Turnage

Medium: Ceramics

I create wheel-thrown functional porcelain pottery. Surfaces are carved, appliqued,
and sliptrailed with images of fish, fossils and marine flora. Fired to cone 12 in

reduction high-fire gas kiln.
Russell Turnage Porcelain

Booth 26
Robert Lauer

Medium: Painting

Acrylics of natural vivid color found at sunset, exploring the interplay of sky and
water, balancing the harmony of simple hidden geometry, with strategically placed

focal points.
Robert Lauer Fine Art

Booth 27
Amy Snowden Anna Lee

Medium: Jewelry

Miniature original watercolor paintings encased in glass and handcrafted into one-
of-a-kind pendants, bracelets and earrings. Sterling silver and natural gemstones

enhance each unique piece.
Mary Maveline Originals

Booth 28
Svetlana Lechkina

Medium: Fiber (2-D)

I use quilling paper in a variety of widths and colors to create my artworks that are

inspired by Mother Nature.
Tranquility By Design

Booth 29
Kelly Mazzrillo

Medium: Mixed Media (2-D)

I use satin acrylic/oil paint on gesso board, tile, petrified wood and agate slices. I
use a fine brush and the smooth surfaces allow less brush strokes to show and give

it a photo realism effect.
Art Ore Decor

Booth 30
Michael Carroll

Medium: Mixed Media (3-D)

oil, acrylic, and latex paints in conjunction with plaster, cements, glue, wood, etc.
encase it in a custom frame to enhance and complete the artistic expression as a

total work

Dimensional Art by Michael A. Carroll

Booth 31
Andy Smith

Medium: Painting

Hand-drawn, transparent watercolor paintings. Using a series of washes to build

color, shadows and a strong use of light.
Traditional subjects in a realistic style.

Booth 32
Ryan Eure

Medium: Jewelry

Using lost wax modeling and casting. I create jewelry in platinum, gold, and silver
that accentuates the natural beauty and luster of each gemstone. I specialize in

custom design.
Ryan Eure Designs

Booth 33
Melissa Orendorff

Medium: Mixed Media (2-D)

I am a paper collage and found-object artist. I use vintage ephemera to create
paper collage art of animals and people. I also use old objects in new ways to create

3-D found object sculptures.
Melissa Orendorff

Booth 34
Tracy Delisle

Medium: Mixed Media (3-D)

All of my paper clay pieces are hand sculpted and painted . On many of my pieces I
will use wood, metals, vintage pieces, etc. to add the whimsical nature of my work.

Apple Of My Eye Crafts

Booth 35
Courtney Gillen

Medium: Jewelry

My work is hand fabricated with traditional metalsmithing techniques. Including
soldering, hammering, polishing, forging and hand milling the wire and bezels used.

I have collected the sea glass.

Booth 36
Nadya Gordon

Medium: Painting

Nadya Gordon is an award-winning acrylic artist. She works from her home studio
in Northern Virginia. Nadya started painting over 20 years and mostly works with

acrylic on canvas.
Nadya’s Art Gallery

Booths 37 & 39
Monica Barker

Medium: Wood

We create keepsake artwork out of natural woods such as walnut, mahogany,
maple, cherry and oak. Our frames are handmade from locally sourced walnut

Crabtree Falls Designs

Booth 38
Dicke Robins

Medium: Mixed Media (2-D)

My work is mixed media collage consisting of colored paper, ephemera, digital, off -

set and photographic images, colored pen, pencil and paint stick

Booth 40
Emily Crews

Medium: Painting

I use both watercolor and acrylic in my work. Working in different mediums allows
me a full range of expression and connection.My work straddles the line of realism

with a dash of whimsy and heart.
E Crews Designs

Booth 41
Rebecca Stone

Medium: Mixed Media (3-D)

All of the materials used are repurposed including the frames. Pieces have hand
painted parts that are painted on the glass. Pieces are designed with 2nd hand

ceramics, jewelry, tumbled glass, etc.
No Stone Unturned

Booth 42

Glenn Woodell
Medium: Photography

Photographic art prints printed on canvas and archival materials.

Woodell Photography

Booth 43
Elsa Gailor

Medium: Painting

All my paintings are original oils on canvas created with a palette knife, only. My
impressionist paintings are romantic and painterly in style and have a slight

impasto feel to them.
Elsa Cristina Gailor Fine Art Artist

Booth 44
Carlos Zepeda

Medium: Jewelry

My work is very simple keeeping the traditional way of using just fire and the
elements of nature..all my work is done by unique jewelry featuring shells

and gemstones set in sterling silver.


Booth 45
Ronald Lentz

Medium: Wood

My work is created from fine woods enhanced with sculptured reliefs, and organic
Intaglio or pyrographic designs. Multi-coat hand polished finishes and natural

suede interiors accentuate the work.

Booths 46 & 48

Karri Mohr Karri Mohr
Medium: Mixed Media (3-D)

Our artwork is hand painted on Brazilian slate,a process that has been consistent
for 27 years. We use an exterior enamel paint and guaranteed outside for at least 10

years. Demonstrations given.
The Painted Garden

Booth 47
Rhashida Bess

Medium: Jewelry

in my studio, I design and craft jewelry aligned with traditional African
metalsmithing, working with hand tools, in small batches, using metals, wire, beads,

shells and hand formed components.
Alodeuri LLC dba Alodeuri Jewelry

Booth 49
John Whistler

Medium: Photography

I work to capture special moments and scenes in nature that are interesting and

create an emotion such as peacefulness.
Whistler Works Studio

Booth 50
Tracey McCurley

Medium: Wood

Custom cut/painted cutting/charcuterie boards. Various painting methods are
used to create one of a kind pieces. Each piece is sealed in 2 coats of commercial

food grade resin. Seasonal decor also.

Gift Club Crafts

Booth 51
Erin Blair Gordon Blair

Medium: Mixed Media (2-D)

We create ethereal mixed media landscapes on knotty pine wood by alternating
layers of sanding & painting with acrylic paint. Intricate walnut silhouettes are

added last to make each piece unique.


Booth 52
Prachi Singh

Medium: Jewelry

I make lightweight statement macrame earrings using cotton threads, brass hoops
and 14k gold-filled earwires. I use square knots, double knots and various weaving

techniques to make intricate pattern.
Prachi’s Bohemian Art

Booth 53
Hillary Burkett

Medium: Jewelry

From graves to gardens, my work is an exploration of hidden beauty and hope.
Pinned gemstones join pierced, formed and textured silver with hand cast organics

using bones and botanics.
CameraSHY cove

Booth 54
Joshua Rogers

Medium: Metalworks

stainless and carbon steel- rescued, cut, ground, welded and colored with an

acetylene torch
Ornametal Welding, LLC

Booth 55
Michael Jones

Medium: Mixed Media (2-D)

Magic Bear Art was created to uplift people, inspire them, and bring joy, happiness,

and magic.
Magic Bear Art

Booth 56
Lin Hall

Medium: Jewelry

LH Jewelry is a small business, designing & creating handmade sterling silver &

mixed metals jewelry in my home studio,

Williamsburg, Va

Detail to cutting, shaping, soldering & finishing are used.

Lin Hall Jewelry

Booth 57
suzanne elliot

Medium: Jewelry

Hand crafted wire wrapping using sliver, silver plated, gold plated and copper wires

to encase stones and beads.
Twisted wire works

Booth 58
Robert elliot

Medium: Painting

I am a modern artist. I like art that has a street feel to it. I paint in bold primary and
secondary colors. My ideas come from things that happen in life. Medium of choice

is acrylics.

Booth 59
Janice Maves

Medium: Mixed Media (2-D)

Paper collage/photo montage works using original photos, found images and scrap

paper mosaic.
Janice Maves Art

Booth 60
Thomas Yates

Medium: Wood

I have been carving now for 30 years and what a fun trip it's been. All my fingers are
still attached and working and hopefully will remain so for the duration of my

artistic ride. I turned 61 this year
Wild Wood Studio

Booth 61
Denise Henock

Medium: Glass

Handmade stained glass art, home decor, yard art, giftware

Luna 2 the Moon Art Glass
Booth 62
Jimmy Houston
Medium: Metalworks

Steel is used to form flowing seemingly moving abstract sculptures others are flat
bar cut to form. All are welded, oxidized, some are waxed others painted.

J Houston Art

Booth 63
Phillip Snider

Medium: Photography

Visual images captured by digital and analog cameras printed on archival quality

paper, canvas, and metal using pigment inks for longevity.

Phillip A. Snider Photography

Booth 64

David Oppenheim Barbara Smith

Medium: Wood

At Sea Through the Wood, we use live edge wood and epoxy to build beautiful,
unique, functional art for your home. The process takes time, patience and

imagination, but the result is worth it!
Sea Through The Wood

Booth 65
Jack Arbogast

Medium: Mixed Media (3-D)

What started on my kitchen table 3 years ago has turned into a word-of-mouth
business that usually ends with “OMG” with commissioned products. Custom

tables, serving trays, charcuterie/cutting boards.

ArboWoodworks LLC

Booth 66
Ninika Gordon

Medium: Jewelry

Inspired by natural shapes and forms, all pieces are hand fabricated in sterling
silver, 18k gold bi-metal and 24k gold keum-boo. Textures are acheived by roller

printing, forging and stamping.
Phineas Rose Jewelry Studio

Booth 67
Ashley Rawls Pamela Rawls

Medium: Jewelry

Handmade jewelry created by two sisters on the Outer Banks of North Carolina
inspired by the sea & nature. Wire wrapped, soldered, & stamped precious metals

and gemstones to make one of a kind pieces.

All Washed Up Jewelry

Booth 68
Maureen Seltzer

Medium: Mixed Media (2-D)

From far away it is hard to tell that the artwork is made up of tiny pieces of papers.
The paper is mono printed and torn and glued down like a painter lays a brush

stroke creating the finished image

Seltzers Art

Booth 69
Mark Hamm

Medium: Wood

Hand eye shaping of cherry wood with bandsaw and sanders ,mineral oil finish

Chester P. Basil's wooden spoons,LLC

Booth 70

Ben Blumberg
Medium: Ceramics

I throw most of my work on the wheel, and some pieces are slip cast. The plaster
molds and their models I make myself. The glazes are all studio mixed and many of

them are original recipes. Thank you!

Ben B Pottery

Booth 72

Maria Cezintseva Natalya Priest
Medium: Mixed Media (2-D)

Combination of different colors and sizes of ribbons, beads, and threads creates
volumetric patterns of flowers, country sites, images of people. Embroidery style

can be applied in adorning clothes, c
Silk Ribbon Art and Fun

Booth 73
jeanne scannell

Medium: Fiber (3-D)

I create hand tailored clothing using fine fabric, my hand woven mohair, wet and
needle felted wool, my hand dyed cotton and silk.I studied fashion design in Japan

learning balance and flowing drape.

jeanne scannell

Booth 74
Yandong Wang

Medium: Metalworks

metal works, copper(industrial recycled),wall sculptures.miniatures"By designing,
drawing, cutting , bending, and riveting in different way t" then by brazing,

soldering, polishing, and coating.
Yan's Art Studio

Booth 75

Kate Loomis
Medium: Jewelry

Metal Clay is composed of powdered metal and binder, which allows it to take
handmade textures really well. My unique designs feature cabochons I cut to

highlight their interesting colors or patterns.

Kate Loomis Jewelry

Booth 76
Teresa Howard Joel Howard

Medium: Jewelry

Whimsical lightweight paper jewelry. We design, cut, sand and seal paper
ornaments that we combine with beads, leather, metal etc., turning them into

durable pieces of wearable artisan jewelry.

The Passage

Booth 77
Scott Roberts

Medium: Wood

Detailed pyrogrpahy (wood burning) designs on hand constructed canvas; and
reclaimed wood. Some compositions include colored wood stain painting.

Booth 78
jill colmery

Medium: Metalworks

Limited Edition Creations, hand made from America made materials, Items include:
Silver rings, Silver earrings, Silver bracelets. Hand rubbed and patina finishes on

Copper earring, bracelets.
Ocean Otis Jewerly LLC

Booth 79

LaKeisha Cooper
Medium: Ceramics

Wheel thrown ceramics using various types of stoneware clay. Vessels are hand-
carved, hand painted using various types of glazes, and fired in an electric kiln to a

temperature of 2200 degrees.
CIK Ceramics, LLC

Booth 81
Teri moser

Medium: Mixed Media (3-D)

I use the same process for all wood art. Sand unfinished wood. Mostly use upcycled
items like corks, bags, metal, jewelry & rocks. Lastly, I pour resin one side at a time

for a strong glossy finish.
Rockness Momster

Booth 82
Jessie Rublee

Medium: Ceramics

I create functional stoneware pottery that unites contemporary, minimalist design
with traditional style. My line of work includes mugs, bowls, serving dishes, hanging

planters and more.
Jessie Rublee Ceramics

Booth 83
Phil Budahn

Medium: Mixed Media (2-D)

Series of funny fantasy novels. Appropriate for all ages. All set in Virginia.

Specters Anonymous

Booth 84
Chawn Waters Lambert

Medium: Jewelry

My jewelry/Homegoods are handcrafted with gemstones, Austrian crystals, and
metal components in nobium, sterling, copper and gold plate. I handwrap every

piece and everything is hand designed by me.

Duchess of Sparkle

Booth 85
Marie trice

Medium: Wood

I use rescued wood trim and repurposed wood to create wood mosaics and wood
art. Because I like to give new life to old wood most of my pieces are unique and

one of a kind works.
Pelican Kisses

Booth 86
Danielle McRoy

Medium: Jewelry

I handcraft genuine leather and cork jewelry of various colors and patterns. Pieces
are individually cut by me by hand and/or using a manual die cut. I also make

macrame earrings.
Boho Blyss

Booth 87
Anita Bradley

Medium: Mixed Media (2-D)

I create abstract compositions by applying and scraping back layers of acrylics,
mediums, pencils, crayons, collage, charcoal, and pastels with brushes, and other

tools on canvas and various papers.

Anita Bradley Art

Booth 88
Kourtenay Plummer

Medium: Ceramics

I make function tableware and sculptural tableware consisting of centerpiece items
like baskets, troughs and vases. I combine wheel-thrown and hand built techniques,

with stoneware fired to cone 6.
Kourtenay Plummer Pottery

Booth 89
Julia Dressler

Medium: Photography

Americana photography specializing in automotive, old filling stations & simple
country life. I print using archival inks & media & finish w/ UV protection & heavy

acrylic.100% by my hand in my studio

Coles Corner

Booth 90
Tiffany Heiser

Medium: Drawing

I use a scribbling technique with my brush and Japanese watercolor paint,
Kuretake. I use multiple layers of watercolor, in my attempts to capture the subject

matter’s natural complexity.
The Ship's Hold

Booth 91
Kathy Wooldridge

Medium: Glass

I create original window panels and sculptural pieces using sand carved & stained

glass techniques.
Wooldridge Art Glass Design, llc

Booth 92
Alexandra Neckopulos

Medium: Graphics/Printmaking

Designs start as marker drawings, colors are separated into black ink drawings on
acetate. These are used to create silkscreen stencils I print by hand. Each frame is

built from recycled pallet wood.
Analog Artworks

Booth 93
Brittney Mayes

Medium: Jewelry

Handmade pieces from sustainable materials such as stainless steel, raw brass &
concrete.Juxtaposition of sleek & raw elements that combine industrial design,

contemporary art & modern architecture.
Polished Concrete Shop

Booth 94
Stephen Dill

Medium: Metalworks

Blacksmithing using traditional & contemporary methods. Botanical models used
for decorative ornamental work ; traditional designs for architectural work such as

hinges, shutter dogs, hooks.
Monocacy Forge

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